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We support manufacturing companies with applied methods to control surface quality and enable sustainable manufacturing

What surface texture parameters and tolerances protects your surface quality?

Today companies rely on outsourced manufacturing with complex supplier network. Communication of correct surface quality is essential to avoid poor quality costs and long lead times. 

We offer unique solutions to secure your
surface quality

From trouble shooting, standard roughness measurements to operator training programs, we offer the services you need to take control of your surface quality

Surface Quality Development

Expert services for analysis and specification of surface quality in technical documentation

From trouble shooting to drawing specification. In partner projects, we do surface texture analysis in 3D to understand and document your good and bad surfaces with functional parameters according to latest ISO GPS standards. With complete specifications you secure your surface quality and enable sustainable manufacturing

Surface Quality Verification

Measurement services for verification of dimensions and standard surface texture parameters in profile and areal (3D)

Single measurement to routine measurements. In our lab, with skilled staff and calibrated instruments, we make standard surface texture measurements for profile-, areal surface texture and dimensions according to ISO GPS standards. We offer instruments for both tactile and optical measurements enable verification of all type of surfaces

Surface Quality Academy

Work-shop and courses in using  ISO GPS tools for specification and verification of surface texture

For professionals, we adopt to your needs and offer tailor made courses on-line, on -site or work-shop in our lab in Halmstad. Together we build the platform how to use the tools in ISO GPS tool box, secure the skills of your staff and give confidence in surface texture terminology when communicate surface quality internally and externally

About us

Our passion is surface texture and metrology. We love to solve the most difficult tasks but also the beauty of a single measurement as the fingerprint of manufacturing process. We see surface texture as an important measure to control and protect product quality. With complete technical specifications our customers assure sustainable manufacture and strengthen brand name.  Since 1994, toponova is the leading expert for surface texture and metrology and have made more than 3400 projects to improve quality for more than 300 manufacturing companies within automotive-, MedTech-, packaging- and tooling industry.

Toponova GeometricDNA Profile ®

-our own unique concept for complete and functional specification 

Toponova GeometricDNA Profile®

Our own unique four step process that results in complete surface texture specification and verification with guarantee for continuity and support to ISO standards

In business for more then 28 years and 300 customers -why?


State of the art know how and practical experience from 3400 projects

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