Surface Quality Academy

Workshop and courses on using ISO GPS tools for specification and verification of surface texture

NEWS! The new profile standard ISO 21920, part

1, 2 and 3 is published

Introduction to ISO GPS, surface texture and metrology

Workshop in ISO GPS (Geometrical Product Specifications) principles and the tools for specification and verification of surface texture.
Together we build the platform on how to use the tools in ISO GPS toolbox, secure the skills of your staff and give confidence in surface texture terminology when communicate surface quality internally and externally.

Surface texture terminology and specification

This course presents surface texture terminology, filters and parameters,  that are used to specify functional surfaces. Its important to know what functional demands that are required to define correct specification. To narrow tolerances, make product expensive and difficult to verify.  The course presents filtering techniques and why bandpass filtering is important to define scale of function and what parameters that can be used dependent on what the application is, eg. visual appearance and sealing properties.    

Rules and procedures for the measurement and verification of surface texture

When measuring surface texture, its important to now the procedure defined in ISO GPS toolbox. This course presents how to read and understand specifications and to translate into correct measurement conditions as: instrument method, settings for measurement length, filters and rules for conformance of measured results compared to specification.