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Together, we develop the methods you need to manage and control the correct surface quality of your products

Our core expertise lies in measuring, analyzing, and characterizing functional surfaces.

For almost 30 years and across 2,500 projects, we have assisted leading manufacturing companies in communicating the correct surface quality of their products and avoiding quality surprises

What can we do for you?

Expert Advice on Surface Quality and Surface Texture

One-hour online Teams session

With a workshop, we focus on your specific questions, address your queries about surface texture, functional requirements, how to specify or interpret a drawing requirement, questions related to measurement techniques, and surface inspection settings. Together, we'll find the best approach to meet your needs.

Price: 6,000 SEK excluding VAT, includes preparation, 1-hour Teamsmöte, and summary

Develop methods for inspecting and verifying surface texture

Expert Consulting Service

Today, measuring is no longer a problem; the question is what and how to measure. From only being able to measure surface texture with a stylus in contact, there are now several measurement methods available. In the latest ISO GPS standardization, both contact and optical methods are included and can be used to control and verify the surface texture of products. Soft as well as hard, matte as high-gloss polished, and even transparent materials can be measured. We assist you in finding the right measurement method so that you can perform accurate measurements with traceability to ISO GPS.

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Analysis and Measurement of Product Functional Surfaces

Expert Consulting Service

What makes the product function and look the way it does?
We are experts in measuring and analyzing all types of surfaces. By identifying the right scale for measurement and parameters that characterize surface deviations, the designer can understand what affects the product's functionality and appearance, as well as how the surface should be measured.

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Setting Functional Surface Requirements: Ensuring Product Performance

Expert Consulting Service

Ensuring Precise Surface Quality: Our Expert Consulting Ensures Accurate Specification According to ISO GPS Standards. With Correct Specification on Drawings, Eliminate Uncertainties in Production and Quality Control.

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Controlling Manufacturing Processes

Expert Consulting Service

During manufacturing, surface deviations always occur, affecting the surface quality of the product. To control and manage these surface deviations in production, specific parameters and measurement techniques are required. Toponova assists in identifying the right parameters and measurement methods to be used in production.

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From the small to the large - we assist you with all questions about surface quality and surface texture.

Sometimes it starts with a simple measurement and ends with a global company standard for surface standard. Contact us and see how we can assist you.


"With Ericsson's ideas and toponova's expertise in surface texture, we have successfully developed an excellent tool that allows us to control and verify our various plastic surfaces. Together, we have managed to quantify surfaces in a way that was not possible before."

Fredrik Palmqvist, Matti Siivola, Advanced Mechanics, Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, development of ESS, Ericsson Surface Standard, 2001

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