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Toponova is a knowledge-based firm that, since its establishment in 1995, assists manufacturing companies in managing and controlling the correct surface quality of their products. Primarily, this is achieved by understanding how to specify and verify surface texture requirements, offering problem-solving solutions, developing unique corporate standards, conducting measurement assignments, and ultimately providing software sales for surface texture analysis and reporting

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  • Introduction to Geometrical Product Specification and Surface Texture (FREE WEBINAR!)
  • Basic Course in ISO GPS: Surface Texture and Metrology
  • Advanced Courses in Surface Texture for Design, Production, and Quality
  • Tailored Workshops for Your Specific Inquiries

  • Expert Advice on Surface Quality and Surface Texture
  • Analysis of Product Surface Texture and Functionality
  • Specification of Functional Surfaces
  • Identification of Surface Texture Parameters for Process Control
  • Development of Methods for Surface Texture Inspection and Verification

  • Measurement of Surface Texture on Soft and Hard Materials
  • Measurement Reports with Traceability to ISO GPS Standards and Workflow
  • Profile and Areal (3D) Surface Texture Analysis
  • Optical and Tactile Measurements
  • Analysis of Surface Texture, Surface Roughness, Waviness, and Bearing Parameters 
  • Compliance with ISO 25178, 21920, and 1302 Standards

  • Import your measurement files from various instruments and evaluate them in a single software platform.
  • MountainsMAP, a comprehensive software by Digital Surf, offers standardized analysis and reporting of surface topography, surface texture parameters, and contours according to current ISO standards.

With the right specification, you ensure the surface quality of your products and protect your business from surprises

Toponova is the expert when it comes to surface texture, assisting you in gaining control over your surface quality and protecting your business from surprises.

The key to ensuring surface quality lies in defining the right surface texture parameters and tolerances to restrict and control surface deviations that may arise during manufacturing, affecting product functionality and appearance. With proper specification, manufacturing processes can be optimized, enabling sustainable production.

Since 1995, we have successfully completed over 2500 projects for leading manufacturing companies, addressing questions concerning surface quality and surface texture. Our projects range from measuring surface roughness on a product to developing global corporate standards. Through active involvement in international standardization, access to our own measurement lab, a broad international network of expertise, external measurement labs, instrument, and software vendors, we collaboratively deliver the unique solutions you need. No question is too small or large; contact us, and we'll assist you!

Toponova actively participates in the development of standards used for specifying and controlling surface texture. Through Stefan Rosén's work in the SIS Technical Committee 507, working group 06, ISO GPS: Metrology and Surface Texture, we ensure that you always have access to the latest knowledge and tools.

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